FAQ Frequently asked questions

What is NESU ?

NESU is the Best Radiation Shield in the World.

NESU is made from raw materials that have not been chemically treated .

NESU is created using a vacuum process, and then under an energy program with exact frequency.

NESU is non-toxic and friendly to the human body. It has been tested in Tested in SGS North America Inc. NJ 07004, USA.

NESU is designed to use in any mobile device. 

How does NESU work?

NESU works to eliminate the electromagnetic loads of mobile devices. NESU may help to reduce loads originated by other mobile devices.

NESU will also eliminate those that originate from other devices.

NESU has a soothing effect on the meridians of degeneration of the nerves and of the colon and restores meridian of the blood flow. 

Who did the research (which institution) ?

Research was conducted in IBBU Institute in cooperation with the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems IMEDIS Moscow, Russia. and SGS.

On which type of cell phones does it work ?

NESU is designed for use in any mobile device.

Does NESU have a patent number ?

Yes, patent No. P20120303A.

Where NESU is made ?

Made in European Union.

Where i can buy NESU Card ?

You can order here.

Why i'm supposed to use NESU card ?

Because your healt is the most important thing in this world.